3-yr old Alektin (TINKS) and 10-month old Alekta (WINKS)

*not their real names though. these are derivatives of their true names.

  • Born and raised in Kuwait by Filipino parents.
  • These two kids speak in English. 1st born Alektini speaks a little of Spanish and a little of Arabic. (Update: Oct. 1, 2013. She doesn’t like Arabic and Filipino. She wants to study Spanish and French.)
  • Alektini uttered her 1st word at 17 days old, “uu” for poop, and OK at 1st month.
  • Alekta uttered her 1st word “hi” and 2nd word “hello” at 1st month.
  • Both have been informally homeschooled since 0 age.
  • They attend PE classes at the park.
  • They will have an online business pretty soon. Stay tuned.

Pic. May 2013.

April 27, 2013: 1.8yr old Alekta (WINKS) and 4.1yr old Alektini (TINKS) (they just borrowed our computer glasses – without permission – LOL)

Latest pic as of Nov. 8, 2016.

Alekta, 5; Alektini, 7.


2 thoughts on “Meet the Homeschoolers

  1. Hi,
    I struggling to find information if home schooling is legal in Kuwait.
    We are planning to relocate there but we would like to continue in home schooling.

    Can you please advise, where we can find more information about this matter.

    Thank you in advance.



    1. So far there’s no written law regarding homeschooling in Kuwait.

      Homeschooling is not mentioned in the Education in Kuwait Wikipedia info, and Kuwait is also not mentioned in this blog post, Which countries have banned homeschooling at http://www.examiner.com/article/which-countries-have-banned-homeschooling.

      It’s really up to your family’s personal choice. We’re expatriates in Kuwait and we feel that homeschooling our children is the best choice for our children’s education.

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