Hello homeschooling moms/dads and homeschoolers,

How are you all? What are you doing during your non-homeschooling times?

Sometimes, we watch movies for entertainment (as a family) and lately these days, for education of our homeschooled kid/s. You might join our Homeschooling Group in Kuwait to be able to have access to the Movieducation Club for Homeschoolers in Kuwait. Every week we’ll be posting good movies that are suitable for our kids. We’ll assign a suitable time of showing, too, so that all members of this club will be able to join on that specific and agreed upon schedule.

To those who cannot join on a specific movie date for the homeschooled kids and homeschooling moms and dads, you may choose to watch them as a family or with some friends and then just feel free to share your thoughts via posting at this Web site. If you’re a member of this homeschooling group in Kuwait, specifically, this Web site www.homeschoolinginkuwait.com, you’ll be given an access to post your latest homeschooling updates.

If you have already signed up and for some reason you weren’t able to receive the login details, please feel free to email us at homeschoolingkuwait[at]gmail[dot]com. We’ll most probably add your details and create your accounts manually. Just give us the ff: info. 1) Full Name 2) email address 3) message

Stay tuned for updates!

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