Every family has a unique homeschooling story…

This is a snippet of our family’s homeschooling journey.

Hello homeschooling moms/dads and tots!

Howdy! It’s been a longish while since I last wrote here. Almost a month! The past month was so stressful. I kept on thinking about my parents back home. My kids’ nanny left them without giving any reason at all. She must be looking for a greener pasture out there. As you can see, I know how stressful life can be when there’s no household help at all. My parents, especially my mom, must be very exhausted at the end of the day. I left my kids back home for almost four months (you may read my blogpost here about it) because I was thinking I found them a good nanny to look after them (of course under the loving care of my parents). Who would ever thought that just after a month, the nanny would feign not feeling well then that would be the end of her service! If it was money that was her issue, she could have been honest with me. I didn’t give her a very low salary. What I gave her was more than the existing household helper salary in the country. I just hope and pray that my parents will be able to look for a replacement nanny ASAP.

Another thing which made me so anxious over the past month was that I waited for the new lesson plans to arrive. They arrived after 3 weeks. As soon as they arrived via Aramex, I browsed through the lesson plans and voila, I found the materials so impressive! My two girls will be learning Latin for this school year and also Philosophy! We’ll be doing classical education this school year. Here’s wishing we started with this curriculum way back when we started FORMAL homeschooling in 2014. We started informal homeschooling in 2009. [Yes. There’s no need to rush in enrolling kids in formal/accredited/unaccredited homeschool curriculum.] We could have prevented that massive burn out which we experienced for almost two years because of the previous curriculum which we had. Whew.

Truly, there’s no one formula in homeschooling that will fit a homeschooling family. As you go along with homeschooling, you will discover the curriculum that will fit your family. It will depend on your budget, on the learning style of your kids, on what you want to accomplish, and what your vision is for your children. Looking back, my homeschooling journey was a roller coaster for me. But I learned a great deal in this journey. My kids developed self-reliance as they learned more on how to make themselves busy. They learned a great deal via the things that they needed to learn because we were almost doing unstructured homeschooling for the past two years! Were you able to read about the benefits of doing a structured homeschooling than an unstructured one? If not, you may read the post  about structured homeschooling here.  For this school year, we’ll be doing more of structured learning. I am thankful for our new homeschool curriculum.

I don’t normally give a boxed curriculum for my kids. I always include other things that my children should learn. A few hours back, my 1st born said she and her baby sister wanted to learn Chinese. I have yet to include Chinese language in the schedule of my girls. They will also enroll in a ballet class starting April until May.

Looking back, whenever I think about the journey of my kids from birth to present (my kids are 5 and 7 & counting, respectively), I am well certain that I made the right choice in giving them HOME EDUCATION. The journey is far from perfect yet it’s the best thing that has ever happened to them. They know a lot of things that I didn’t know when I was their age, and yes, even until now. They do a lot of things which I didn’t do when I was young. They say a lot of things that are alien to me, in other words. Haha. I often say on a regular basis that I LEARN MORE FROM MY KIDS than they learn from me. Oh, of course, I don’t want to discount my contribution to why they are the way they are because I know in my heart that I PROVIDED THEM THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT. All along, I was/am/have always been there for them. If you have been following my blog, I decided to quit the corporate world even before I gave birth to my 1st born. Not that I don’t have a career right now. My career even blossomed when I decided to become a work-from-home mom. It wasn’t that easy to embark on this journey. But it’s all worth it, despite the ups and downs. I know better now, thank God.

YES, EVERY FAMILY HAS ITS UNIQUE HOMESCHOOLING STORY. Whatever stage you are in right now in your homeschooling journey, whatever pains which you had in the past about choosing your curriculum, about how burnt out you and your homeschooled kids, about how difficult it is to homeschool during the formative years and primary years, hold on, momma, you’re STILL on the right track no matter how you feel, at times, that your kids might be behind. No, there’s no such thing as being behind in homeschooling. Your kids DO LEARN even when they don’t do anything that is spectacular in your eyes. They learn every single thing about anything whether you are aware of it or not. They learn from what they feel, see, and hear around them. Learning doesn’t just mean getting the lessons from their academics. Oftentimes, it’s when they have been provided the right environment and treatment that will encourage them to learn for more, on their own. It’s what learning is all about. It’s not spoon feeding. It’s not by the book. It’s beyond that. It’s how they have been able to think critically and do things spontaneously and on their own that will shape their homeschooling journey.

How about you? What’s your family’s homeschooling story?


Homeschool Schedule Free Maker

Hello homeschooling mommas out there!

Are you following a strict schedule?

While we do have a schedule, oftentimes, my kids don’t follow them. Maybe because I don’t put the schedules on the wall; only a piece of paper which they can check (but it’s not working that much). This time, I’ll be printing a per week schedule that they need to follow so they will be reminded every now and then.

I know that my kids do need a clear-cut schedule to follow so they will be more responsible for their homeschool and life schedule. They’ve already improved a lot, as in a lot, in terms of how they manage their time. Did I mention to you that they’re the ones who prepare themselves for our homeschool session? Yes, they take a bath by themselves (oh yeah, they often play!); they dress by themselves (they wear their homeschool uniform); they setup their study area for the day.

(I am contemplating though of transferring their study area again. Alektini’s room is so dark. I need to buy a lamp for her. I am thinking of using the dining table as their study area but I need to buy a new cabinet for their books and school supplies which I’ll put in the living room. Here’s wishing I didn’t sell one of my cabinets before. I could have just brought it along with us when we transferred. But hey, it’s fine. I also didn’t know how that cabinet would fit the new place as it’s already fully furnished. I just knew lately the need for one bookshelf for my kids’ school supplies and books.)

The schedule maker at Free Class Schedule Maker has helped me a lot in making a schedule for my kids! I tried it and it really looked so nice with all the different colors and organized labels. Courses can be added and edited. Schedule can be saved, exported, imported.

I can’t put the whole image here so I’m just posting a snippet of the schedule. (I made a different schedule; final schedule which I’m going to print and post in our wall).


Try it and organize your homeschool/life schedule!


🐝 Mrs Deese
– busy homeschooling bee from Lifestyle Freedom Academy



It’s Been Awhile…

Hello blogworld!

It took me 5 months to write again in this Web site. My hands and mind were preoccupied by a lot of things that I hardly had the time to sit down and had a real conversation with myself and you through blogging.

Sorry that some of you have been thinking if this site or community is still active or not. We still are. We are still homeschooling. If you’re interested to join our group or homeschool your child while in Kuwait, please feel free to contact us at homeschoolingkuwait[at]gmail[dot]com. If you don’t hear from me at the soonest time possible, please send me a Viber message at +96566081636.

The site had a facelift just a few minutes back.

This time, it’s now responsive so you will be able to browse it in your smart phone, iPad, etc.

This is all for now. I will try to blog at least twice a week to keep you updated.

I’ll be quite busy this week for my daughter’s graduation practice.


– Deese


“I’m going to homeschool my babies, too!” — 4-year old Kindergartener

An innocent, touching conversation with my over 4yo Kindergartener while eating our breakfast – Feb. 20, 2014 (first posted in my FB account)…

Tinks: “Mom, am I going to become a mommy?”

Me (muntik na akong mabulunan…yup mabulunan ng gatas na iniinom ko hehe): “Oh surely, baby, when you’re old enough to become a mommy,” I managed to say with a smile.

I thought our innocent conversation ended there…but — not yet.

Tinks: “What will be the names of my babies?”

Me (naki-ride on): “What should be their names?”

Tinks: “Rosy and Mosy”

Me: “Oh, two girls, too, like Winks and you? How about a baby boy?”

Tinks: “I don’t like a baby boy.” (Yeah, she doesn’t like a baby brother, she told me.)

Me: “So when you become a mommy, you should have enough money by then.”

Tinks: “LeKhloe will have her business there (referring to her 2yo baby sister’s study area/laptop area) and I will have my business here (referring to her study/laptop area)….I don’t want to work outside. I want to have my own business.”


And then she said something that really touched the core of my being…

Tinks: “I’m going to teach my babies.” (Her babies will be homeschooled, too!)

Her eyes were so excited as she said those words. I felt her sincerity and her optimism about her future and the future of her ‘kids’.

I realized, that no matter how stressful it is to be a mother of two extraordinary kids, with no nanny overseas) and with a WAHM career and homeschooling task in my overly swamped schedule (yeah, I seldom breathe!), the journey is rewarding, as affirmed by my daughter. I am doing the best in the eyes of my child…and that for me is enough consolation that I am raising them well, together with my hubby.

My heart is beaming with so much happiness…tears are falling from my eyes – overflowingly, as I’m writing this epic post about my world as a mom, a homeschooling mom.

– Deese

Filipino Homeschoolers Kuwait Group Launched

Filipino Homeschoolers Kuwait

We’ve been receiving lots of inquiries about homeschooling in Kuwait from Filipino families so we thought of formally (re)launching the Filipino Homeschoolers Kuwait Group. If you’re a Filipino family in Kuwait who’s into homeschooling or you’re planning to homeschool your kids, please feel free to join FHK.

Facebook Page: Filipino Homeschoolers Kuwait FHK at https://www.facebook.com/FilipinoHomeschoolersKuwait

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