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Some of our books in our mini-library in Kuwait…More books in our room haha. We sold our bookshelves when we transferred to this new residence; hence, the books were on the floor for easy access. The floor is empty anyway so the books made the house homier (yay! books make a home) than if there are no books on sight. Yes, we couldn’t live without books. So costly to buy though online when you’re in Kuwait. 

One of the beauties of homeschooling is that READING is our well-loved subject and activity. Yes, we have more time to read not just the academics books of my kids but more so about life and the world out there! I always make it a point that my homeschooled girls are reading almost on a daily basis. Even though my kids are not with me right now (they’re in a vacation with their grandparents), I always remind them to read. You see, they’re still young so PLAY is what comes into their minds during vacation time. So happy that they still do read, but perhaps, not daily because they’re into playing at the park, pool, backyard, kite flying and more. Well, for as long as reading doesn’t take a backseat for a longish time, that’s fine with me. I knew that I already inculcated in them the love for reading. No wonder, even at a young age, my kids are thrilled with reading the Life’s Manual and other grown up books.

So lucky to have known about the Read Out Loud Challenge 2017 sponsored by the National Book Store. Though we’re not based in the Philippines, my family will be joining this challenge virtually. We love books. We love to learn each day about the world out there. If you’re in the Philippines, drop by at the National Book Store.

Photo credit: Kerygma Books

My mini-library at home shows a variety of books from finance to leadership, marketing, virtual careers, homeschooling, parenting, programming, novels, how tos, autobiographies and more children’s books for our girls. My husband and I share the same passion in reading and digital stuffs so expect that our home is adorned not with decors but with books.

During this 4-month separation period from our homeschooled kids, we (husband and I) are so busy nourishing our souls with praise and worship music and spiritual teachings. We’re also reading books about knowing Jesus more. You see, life is empty without God. Did you know that our two homeschooled girls know how to praise and worship at a young age?

If you’re in this journey of knowing God not just for you but for your whole family, you may hugely benefit from the Kerygma Books wherein I’m a Kerygma Ambassador. It’s the Season of Lent and Kerygma offers a 25% discount on its books. Reading out loud the books for soul will surely help you and your children develop an intimate encounter with the Lord.

Photo Credit: Kerygma Books

Click on this link to buy the books at the Kerygma Shop. Enjoy 25% discount until April 20, 2017.

Are you reading out loud with your homeschooled kids? What books are you reading? 

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